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Urban Dictionary: To present an incident in a particularly slanted or biased manner. Originated from the game of pool, wherein if one shoots the ball from the side to put “spin” on the ball, it will go into the desired hole. To properly “Spin” a story, one should employ a “Spin Doctor”. “Spin Doctors” are frequently used by politicians to help write a slanted story which presents a “fact” in a far different way than most people would see it, had it been told directly and honestly.

SPIN-CHECK To expose the logic, vocabulary, detail-neglect, and other tactics employed to present an event or news report as something other than it is in reality. Distinct from fact-checking, spin-checking is about how the information is tactically framed to create an impression favorable to a biased view.

In Spin-Checking, we will adhere to the following standards:


Clarity means that our words are understandable, ordered, and non-contradictory.


Reason means we are careful to move from a legitimate premise to a legitimate conclusion, and back.


Proof means logic and/or evidence is used as support to demonstrate the validity of our challenge to a spin.


Fair-mindedness means that we are not on a seek-and-destroy mission for such opposing orientations as liberal vs. conservative, your-race vs. my-race, or mid-america vs. Hollywood. As such, we seek to expose spin wherever it happens.

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